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Product Release: Snoozer® Silent Sleeping

Wevelgem - Belgium - 28/05/2008 - Released by MEDIAtlas

New anti-snoring solution outstrips traditional methods

A patented and high-tech developed anti-snoring headband distinguishes itself in a comparative study of traditional snoring remedies. The Snoozer® works twice as well as a throat spray, 11 times better than a mouth spray, whereas anti-snoring tablets only aggravated snoring.

Worldwide, one third of the population snores, and this figure rises as one gets older. Snoring is a health problem that is often also accompanied by social problems. Efficient treatments such as mandibular repositioning apparatus (MRA) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) are cumbersome and expensive interventions to reduce snoring. Affordable methods such as throat sprays, mouth sprays and tablets, do not have the desired effect.

Innovation, thanks to physical ergonomics.

The Snoozer® was developed and patented by HWB International bvba, in collaboration with a specialised industrial design bureau. Computer simulations of the human anatomy were used for its design, which is why the Snoozer® fits every mandible perfectly. Hence, the tongue, which is attached to the mandible, finds itself in a much better position and won’t fall into the throat as easily. This is how the Snoozer® eliminates the greatest cause of snoring. Exclusively available via

Snoring is a problem that is greatly underestimated.

Many people relate snoring to disturbed sleep patterns, which lead to concentration disorders, tiredness and, sometimes, heart problems. But it is particularly as a social problem that snoring is underestimated: Partners won’t sleep together any more or snorers will refrain from sleeping in a hotel room. The Snoozer® reduces not only the frequency of snoring, but also reduces the noise level considerably. This means that the Snoozer® reduces snoring by 66%.

With the launch of the new Snoozer® product, independent, comparative research was carried out. The results of this research were astounding. You can read the full report on

The Snoozer® is a patented product of HWB International bvba. HWB International distributes the Snoozer® in 12 different countries via its E-commerce websites (