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Health, Wellness and Beauty
HWB International, a Farmaceutical company active in the exciting world of Health, Wellness and Beauty, runs over 70 e-commerce websites in 16 different countries and ranks among the most prominent companies in this industry of E-commerce.

Innovative food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices are sold via the Internet or by the pharmacist. Through specialized advertising campaigns, tens of thousands of visitors each day find their way to one of our e-commerce websites and to the pharmacist.

At HWB International, the customer is in the centre of our activities
Customer satisfaction is just the start for us!

A reliable customer service that communicates with the international consumer in his national language is indispensable. Even if something is not according to the expectations of the customer, our customer service representatives go all the way to offer the best solution. The recurring purchases of our customers are sufficient proof of their satisfaction.

The investments in product quality that are made day after day and the ongoing optimization of logistics and distribution take priority in the management of HWB International.

Scientifically Sound Products
All the products we offer are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies that apply the most rigorous GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are also regularly tested by several approved European laboratories.

The search for both qualitative and innovative products always relies on the most recent scientific acumen. Afore being launched on the market, a new product is always appraised by the "Scientific Advisory Board" that is composed of scientists who are active in several fields.

HWB International stands out in the market by:
  • Always putting the customer in the centre
  • A continuous product innovation
  • A reliable trademark policy
  • The dynamism of its staff members