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HWB International was founded in 2004 by IT specialist Jeroen Dekker with the intention to sell products via the Internet. Very quickly, it became clear that expansion was necessary.

In the course of 2006, e-commerce specialist Marco Küchler came aboard to further professionalize the company.

In the early part of 2007, Mario Debel, pharmacist, took over the company. The financial reinforcement of the company made further development possible, with an ever-increasing range of new products. The company moved into a new logistics distribution centre in Wevelgem and the registered office was transferred from Antwerpen to Roeselare. The customer service was further developed. Internet advertising, content management, copywriting are some of the tasks that are done in-house instead of outsourcing these crucial tasks.

Since July 2008 our products are available in all Belgian Pharmacies. This lead to the creation of a new division:HWB Pharma.

In the course of 2008 further steps towards international expansion are studied.